by Bob Gaulke

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10 tracks recorded with jazz and Brazilian musicians by the legendary LC Varella.


released February 15, 2016

1. Strange Names
2. Civilization Takes Two (Scratch)
3. Spring
4. Quarks of Love
5. Writing Yourself Free
6. Blue Houses
7. English
8. The Work
9. Fresh Meat

Bob Gaulke

played and arranged by

Adam Kabak bass
Alex Prol guitars
Gil Oliveira drums
Kevin Cerovich horns (+ buckets on "Strange Names")
Mike Rose keyboards
Pacato Silva percussion
(+ drums 6-8)

Cecelia Spyer-backing vocals
CharlElie Couture- keyboards on "Scratch"
Marcos Kuzka Cunha- bass on “Strange Names"
Matthew Carrillo- saxes on “Fresh Meat”

very special thanks: Suely Mesquita

photography: Caetano Vidal
layout: Mike Morris
mastered by Luiz Tornaghi

Produced by Luís Claudio Varella

thanks to: Andrea Cazza, Eugenio Dale, Daniel Cheese, Suzanne Davenport



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Bob Gaulke New York

I write songs and teach in the Bronx.

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Track Name: Strange Names
Strange Names (blues in b) (B9/F#min6/E9/Bmin6/F#9/C#min6)

strange names fascinate me
reach into my dreams
a smile that take me somewhere
the mysteries run free

a dance to stumble over
a language to learn
a garden to idyll in
a recipe not to burn

textures I've found
smooth to the touch
never become so familiar
as to wear themselves out

strange names fascinate me
destinations I can't reach
flags with ornate symbols
waving at me

my tongue rolls your syllables
my brain's roulette wheel
tries every combination
of what you could mean to me

the dimensions of love
fit a present I can't afford
the edges of its box
stick out pockets like swords

places we are
shift with no effort
the world revolves around
alphabets so obscure
Track Name: Civilization Takes Two (Scratch)

every generation
every man and woman
lays a new foundation
on top of ruins

ideas old and warn
are discarded bones
love is recreated
out of the unknown

we scratch the start
we take love apart
ignoring instructions
and rude interruptions

we scratch the start
adding our parts
making mistakes
careful with hearts

lying on your bed
you've gone to work again
I put on your dress;
it's not the same

I drink from your cup
it lacks a certain punch
kiss your shoes;
they don't taste like you

I'm a slow child
stubborn fool
too proud to ask
what to do

I scratch the start
adding my parts
making mistakes
careful with hearts

I scratch the start
when you come around
sometimes it's curiosity
that keeps us going on

there's no occasion
no photographic album
that captures this feeling
when we get it working

outside the window
it's chaos below
in here it takes
two for civilization

every generation every man and woman
scratches the start of something
ideas old and worn are discarded bones
love is recreated out of the unknown
Track Name: Spring

Emi7 (no5), A7(no5)
she couldn't wait for spring says,
'you don't know how to live'
took a plane south
Emi7(no5), A7(no5)
sent her credit to hell

had enough logic
had enough fear

no more midnight calls

I get one postcard card a year

F#dim/A, A#min (maj7)
she couldn't wait for spring
Gmin, F
she let her hair go long
F#dmin/A, A#min (maj7)
burnt all her suits
Gmin, F
bought a dozen thongs

her place is empty A#maj7,
here in the dark F
there are plenty new bodies A#maj7
all without her spark F

where are my people?
where is my place?
that's what she sang
in her cube at the bank.

she's in the arms
of some latin man
making a dollar a day
binding books by hand

sold off her car
sold off her house
lives with twenty tango shoes
and a see-through blouse

she couldn't wait for spring
burned all her books
cd's went next
we got concerned

she never answers email,
she's never at home
somebody told me
she's been disowned

where are my people?
where is my place?
that's what she sang
in her cube at the bank
Track Name: Quarks

in the space between moments
outside the visible spectrum

desire moves undetected
through everything possessed

everywhere we look for it
everywhere it's hidden

fools survive crises
but everyday demands something else

no backwards, no slow motion
it's right to feel lost

in between moments
in free fall

in a park under the sun
time on the ground

shining with significance
energy in our flesh

everywhere it's here
everywhere it's found

something binds us together
-quarks of love

(repeat chorus)
Track Name: Writing Yourself Free
Writing Yourself Free (G mostly)
desire only takes you so far there's another hundred blocks to walk
ten stories tall in the sun
heat islands around your heart
lines on the street run on loose leaf meet at points blotted with ink pages fill with your scrawl
marking the city as you are
the line you draw connects paper cups crossing our bodies walking our talk
I'm drawn to you
you write by me
I situate myself in your life you rewrite the scene
static from scraping feet generates electricity
stories light up the night
coloring books with a million lines
writing yourself free
where you can believe possibilities
inside the deadness you feel
writing yourself free
far from what you fear where your life can't be overtaken by surroundings
take yourself down paper and pen
there you are you see what you meant
polished harder determined
to make yourself over again and again
(repeat bridge and chorus)
verse: G Bm Dm G
bridge: CM7 GM9 E7 D7
chorus: D C Am7 B7 chrorus2: B7 A7 A7 G7
Track Name: Blue Houses
Blue Houses

blue houses move around the world
losing room picking up words
pearl-shaped, rich, like a book
licked and sucked by the earth

I want you to stay in my room
the furniture matches my moods
we could sleep all day
until we need food

beautiful things surround you
infinity moves around you
dreams violent and soft
pass over like clouds

the promise of a new world
where you never looked
made in our hands
with glue, paper, and pen

vibrating circles in the dark
between our eyes under our touch
glowing and throbbing with pleasure
knocking ourselves together

the distance expands and folds
you're as beautiful as you're lost
yellow garden images
scratched in time with our initials
Track Name: English

you're too beautiful to speak english

(mystery chord 1; notes are: E,A,D# G#) F7/#9

don't waste your time;

(mystery chord 2; notes are: Bb, Ab, D, G) D#sus4/A#

the book's on the table, it's badly written

(mystery chord 3; notes are: Bb, Ab, D, Gb) Abmaj7sus2/Bb

ignore dick and jane's stupid lives


you're too beautiful to speak english

G#7 or Ab add9/Bb
there will be problems with tenses

could you pronounce the following



part your lips on the "f's":

I could fall for miles into your life

you should be wary of white guys

we will live together in your parents' house

feeding fish and washing cars

(Song repeats structure with different lyrics)

you're too beautiful to speak english;
let the world come to you
don't use the past tense, it's not relevant
concentrate on your future;

you will need someone in your life
who will be doing stupid things
who knows about fun and happiness;
the difference and what's beneath
Track Name: The Work
The Work

G C A7
the work's in the other room
G C A7
waiting to be fed
G C A7
it's eaten half the couch
G C A7
now it's working on the bed

G7 C7
leave it in the dark
G7 C7
with one eye peeled on it
G7 C7
it looks pretty sharp
G7 C7
with you on its edge
G7 C7
I prefer to be outside
G7 C7
where l'm seen by friends

G7 C7
who wouldn’t guess
D7 C7 G
I'm a means to its end
D Dsus4
women seduced by it
Em Em7
men taken with its stare
D Dsus4
it's oblivious
Em Em7
to my needs and fears
G7 C7
moving at its own pace
G7 C7
climbing up walls
G C A7
I give it everything it wants
Track Name: Floating World
Floating World (B)

Navigating streets no wider than umbrellas
deaf to native tongues, blind to prying windows

still in the night you show me what still's for
killing the day, wrapping it in a rug

my bed's concrete lit with a single bulb
so's my poetry; it warms just as much

make yourself at home with that cartoon pillow
everything else I own was sold just to know you

I wake up sweating while you're asleep
doubting myself and this body next to me

holding onto the night with both hands
asking questions answered by silence

you say my eyes take on a distant look
but I know where they go and what they do

I take your fingers in my hands
we drift back to the river bed

time sinks moments float over bodies like dreams
this love's an opium consumed by the working week

I promised myself I'd taste it just once it doesn't come cheap
the price's a haunted life worn under your feelings

verses: C#min7/B, Dmaj9(no5), F#min7/E, D9, C#9

bridges: Bm7, Dm7, F#m7, Em7, Dm7, A

ch: F#m7, Dmaj7, Bm, A
Track Name: Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat

they used to be middle class
crawling now on broken glass
cardboard houses
broken into

selling the butler
for a pound of butter
trading pearls
and furs for food

no more questions asked
secrets torn in half
brute survival's
the only truth

selling beds
daughters' wealth
trading for protection
fresh meat's gotta do

I was more a neighbor
than a bystander
when they were pulled
out of the pool

gave them help
at some expense to myself
carrying spoils
trailing perfumes

the crowd went the other way
took them to my place
her dad barely
catching his breath

appetites gave away
before the getaway
now it's our turn
served on the rack