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by Bob Gaulke

I come from a long line of well-intentioned people carrying half-burnt ideas deep into trouble our women are tall men too emotional we've got tiny children with behavioral issues what can problems mean over tea with family how could you feel lost you haven't finished your cake with us these moments precious to us easily lost far from home memories burn up our hearts I come from a long line of vibrant dreamers lost in details touching hope with fingernails women are calm men too emotional in basement apartments sitting in silence
follow the prettiness 
do like it does 
focus on flowers 
in the sun forget idiots 
destroying the world
 for moments it's just the birds and you Like a children's book or favorite song 
 we'll put innocence in quotation marks Like advertisements for new cars
 we'll feel a world made for us follow the beauty 
take it home
 install it in a room 
full of junk memories from
a lifetime of love
 remind us that we’re still around making photographs in one of those books 
pinned to a timeline in funny clothes children will laugh at our naïveté and wonder if they can still feel that way
New Samba 03:20
woke up everything was new I tried to hold the feeling everything to do pregnant possibilities  nothing could be the same as much as we imagined the moment changed differences in seconds past dissolves future calls bright and blue blink your eyes memories fly here comes something new feelings of gratitude  shifts in attitude energy in abundance  the world’s looking nuts
woke up  with hair  high  on my head spoke up  silence  suddenly went dead got old  front  of a crowd  of graduates  told only have  a few  minutes left to dance and sing  to say my piece before the audience gets nervous in sheets anti-heroes love  following trends punching instead saying less and less what did you say  who did you think you were you’ve become Christopher Walken
Negotiable 02:56
anything you want is yours for a song everything you need is fully guaranteed if you don’t have the credit we’ll work with your bank if you don’t want to spend it pay later-take half it’s negotiable I’m flexible we’re changing all the time the rates are variable they go up and down all night now that we’ve come to an understanding the terms you’ll want we’ll hammer in the morning now that we’ve gone through this together we’ll have time to back out or reconsider it’s negotiable it’s changing it’s a dance we’re doing
Human Shield 03:09
between you and me there's a third thing molded in the shape of the world we deal with it when we open the door and become vertical I'd be lying if I said I got a handle on it I ask friends for help sometimes I stand right in front of it and make myself sick tell me it's rotten from top to bottom corrupt from pole to pole justice a flash of imagination in eyes of hope to be born between you and me there's something else coated in the dust of the future moving faster than ourselves swallowing tomorrow lying if I said it's all good do my best to make it work other times I isolate when it seeps into my pores with a good night's sleep, something in my belly I can almost deal with it all it throws at me
Cakewalking 03:00
put on your red dress I'll wear my pressed shirt meet me at the place bring the records we'll share the bread with yesterday's soup go on take a lipstick and her flat shoes we'll go cakewalking like our masters do they've got things we’ve got moves teasing appetites being the street life twisting the city as we unwind liberty's beneath our feet stepping over everything motion makes it true can you feel resistance in a groove we go everywhere flying over troubles evidently we don't care (we’re) incorrigible


Eight tracks of whack with Kuzka


released April 1, 2022

Bob Gaulke- Vocals + Occasional Guitar
Marcos Kuzka Cunha- Keyboards, Bass + Arranging
Marco Raaphorst- Well-Played Guitars
Gil Oliveira- Drums
Emilia Cataldo- Vocals
Martin Scian- Mixing + Mastering

1. My Ethnic Autobiography
2. Follow the Prettiness
3. New Samba
4. Christopher Walken
5. Negotiable
6. Human Shield
7. Cakewalking
8 Golden Hour

Artwork by Karin Kerkmann
Produced by Marcos Kuzka Cunha


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Bob Gaulke

Rootless cosmopolitan. I sometimes produce others.

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